Winning Fantasy Football Strategy in FF and in Life

Winning Fantasy Football Strategy #1: Learn to “bounce well.”

Fantasy Football has provided me with many good lessons on learning to fall and fail well. In our Family league, during our post-draft meal, the grandsons invariably ask” “Poppo, who do you think has the best team?” I shoot straight. I told them I like my team best. Then the first seven weeks I averaged less than 90 FP (I shoot for 100 FP per week average minimum). My team under-performed by over 13 FP vs. projected. I experienced Fantasy Football discouragement every week.

Over the years, I have learned to “bounce well” in life. So every Monday night for the first seven weeks, I sucked it up after Monday Night Football, identified where my team under performed and identified what I had to change. I try to squarely face my blunders, squeeze what I can learn from it, then move on. Life throws us curve balls. We will all fall and fail. The only question is: “How do we respond?”  “Bouncing well” when we fall is a key to sustain joy on the journey (you might want to take a peek at my short PDF called Bounce Well.”) Have you learned to recover quickly from a fall in life, or do you wallow in the mud awhile?

Winning Fantasy Football Strategy #2: Patiently work the process.

Developing a “process” mindset instead of merely an event-mindset keeps the end firmly in mind with patience. Work towards that end one step after another. For instance, I look at the waiver wire every week to see if I can strengthen my team. Normally the changes are incremental, churning the last two or three spots on the bench looking for that gem. However, occasionally I stumble into a gold mine! This year (2017) I was able to pick up a rookie RB who is going off after a couple weeks on the bench and a WR1 no one projected.

I have sixty-four waiver wires in this league with two keepers, a 97% failure rate. These two players have propelled me into the playoffs because they added to my strong base. How does this apply to life? First, establish your priorities. Then make decisions in light of those end purposes. Be willing to risk-take, which means mistake-making (97 mistakes out of 100 for me…and I’m claiming success!) In what arenas of life are you patiently working the process?

Winning Fantasy Football Strategy #3: Don’t get too cute; also adapt on the fly.

I was the brilliant “strategist” who benched Russell Wilson in week 11 when he went off for 31.92 FP in standard Yahoo…and played a QB with 9.90 FP. Too cute…but I learned from it. So work the plan, yet with flexibility to know when to call an audible. Become a lifelong life-learner because opportunities are out there, if we only have eyes to see.

For me, this is much easier because my philosophy for all of life is built on what I have experienced to be completely reliable insight into life. I’m a follower of Jesus for forty-three years…and don’t regret a moment. I have experienced highs and lows, valleys and mountain peaks, yet through it all God the Father, Son and Spirit have never, ever forgotten His promise of His “with you always” presence.

Final Thoughts:

What attracted me to Yahoo Fantasy Football was what’s represented by my picture at the top of my website. I desire to keep connected with four of my grandsons, so I tagged onto their family league. Learning a winning strategy came later.Over the rest of the season, I may gather more FF thoughts. For sure, I’m still gathering more thoughts on life, enjoying writing for the first time in my retired years. I would be glad to have you start reading some of what I offer for free on my website (with some available inexpensively on I hope you enjoy your next Fantasy Football season, although I’m even more interested to have this website be a caring companion on your life journey.

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