What Is OUR Value & Worth?

Many people invest their lives, trying to build up our value & worth…to no avail.

They don’t realize that value and worth is a gift coming from outside, not from ourselves.

So, how valuable are you anyway? Have you thought recently about what determines value? As a teaser, how does our society measure worth?

First, E-Bay establishes value & worth for a product on the final bid.

During the last minutes of timed bids, what a person is willing to pay sets the value or price for that item. What was God willing to pay for you and me? Read the passion of Jesus in the Gospels (like Mark 14-15). We have been bought with the unimaginably costly price of the suffering and death of our Lord Jesus Christ. There is no higher price that could be paid to convey the infinite love God has for us and the value He places on you and me.

Second, designer clothes are stamped with a name-brand for value & worth.

For instance, a pair of designer jeans may cost $300 and a look-a-like knockoff brand $30. What’s the difference? The designer jeans are stamped with the brand-name of the designer. Many shoppers place high value on name-brand products. What “name-brand” is stamped on you? The ultimate Designer stamped each of us with His own name…“Made by the Trinity!” We have unimaginable worth and value because He designed us and God don’t make no junk!

Third, our society places value & worth on what is unique.

“Limited edition” attracts premium value. Which would you rather have in your hand today, one cup of water or one cup of diamonds? What makes a diamond so valuable? Scarcity. Uniqueness. Now if you were in the middle of the Sahara desert, dying of thirst, which would you rather have? The cup of water would now be of incredible value and worth because of its scarcity. Each person born into this world (over 6 billion strong today) is a unique, one-of-a-kind, never-duplicated treasure, valued beyond measure. There are no two people alike, not even identical twins. Our value  in God’s sight astonishes me because He designed each of us as His one-of-a-kind masterpiece, unique as a snowflake and as deeply loved as a son and daughter could ever be.

So, how does it feel to be a stamped-by-God, one-of-a-kind, bought-with-a-price masterpiece of the Community-God? Our Family-of-Three designed us with ultimate worth and value to draw us into the intimacy of His presence, image-bearer. The book of Ephesians, especially the first three chapters are the best place to discover how God really sees us (Blog and Created Community, a booklet on Ephesians).

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