Become a SAVI Learner, Continued

How do I become a more SAVI learner?

There are at least four different styles of learning.

S – Somatic learners…

…like to be hands-on. Studies show that the movement of our bodies actually releases chemicals that stimulate the brain. “That feels right.”

A – Auditory learners…

…find the give-and-take interaction in a community setting vital, as they ask and answer. “I hear what you’re saying.”

V – Visual learners…

…picture their own thoughts. Images and word-pictures accelerate learning. “I see what you mean.”

I – Intellectual learners…

…grasp information one link after another in a chain. They are often more reflective, internal, sequential, logical, and detailed. “That makes sense.”

Our creative God shaped this vast variety in His physical creation. He also created every human being as a lifelong life-learner. What tremendous variety, even those of you who may have struggled in school in the past.

So, why do so many struggle with education?

We must expose and shatter the power of lies about learning! And we are beginning to do this as we learn together in community. Recent research shows us that each learning style uses different parts of the brain. By involving more learning styles, we remember more of what we learn.

The primary focus of our traditional learning philosophy is linear learning.  Lecture-based teaching, repetition, and pressurized testing that feeds back what we heard are the usual methodologies. Unfortunately, much of the church has also bought into this flawed educational philosophy. It’s not all wrong. Just incomplete. Not everyone learns best in a linear way. One is not inherently better…just different.

In a learning community, each of us freely adds our unique mosaic piece. Each is needed and highly valued. When the mosaic is completed with each beautiful piece in its place, oh my, what an extraordinary masterpiece!

Learn like Jesus.

Do you still remember how Jesus learned as a young boy in the temple according to Luke 2:46-47? He was listening with an open heart and mind, asking honest questions, and answering questions with understanding as an active learner.

Listening ears prepare understanding minds & responsive hearts.

“I wonder how…” unlocks the latent abilities within and opens up possibilities as agile, adaptable disciples. Learning to approach life like this begins to shatter the “I can’t” limitation that diminishes creativity.

Because of our more narrowly focused educational philosophy, many high potential disciples have a bad taste for schooling because they have been bombarded by lies. Perhaps you wonder if you measure up in the learning arena. “I may not measure up as a student!” I’m really not sharp enough!” “I don’t know if I am saying this with right words” are all condemning words from the enemy. “If I throw my hat into the learning ring with the rest of you, I’ll come out wearing the dunce-hat.”

Does this resonate within?

In the past when asked about school, somatic learners in particular have blurted out things like, “My educational experience has been a living hell!” Somatic learners, this has less to do with you, and more with a faulty system.

Jesus has a better way!

We are entering the process of discovery together.

These negative emotions regarding learning may have more to do with our incomplete teaching/learning philosophy than with how you label yourself. Reject the lie: “I am just not a good learner”. You do recognize that is a lie, don’t you? In fact, if a person believes that past failure is primarily due to their lack of personal aptitude, they tend to give up. If a person believes they can’t learn, then their actions would have little effect anyway. This in turn becomes a self-fulfilling prophecy. We must expose and shatter the power of this lie!

I am challenging us to rethink how we learn (especially reuniting knowing and doing again in community).

Jettison the rusting holdovers from the last centuries. Then we can step up to the fast-paced, rapidly changing environment of the 3rd millennium. God’s people must be equipped to engage their full powers as agile disciples in the fluid, crazed haste of our rapidly changing world. Personal Bible reading and study should and can be one of the most rewarding, exciting and fulfilling Christian experiences!

Jesus has come to break off this ball and chain of past educational failures. I have designed this website to help on a very practical level.

Perhaps begin with the Meet Jesus…series with a small group of friends, then move on to the Companion toward LifeChangeseries, both designed to aid self-study directly focused on the Bible.

God Himself comes alongside His people to help us learn. Trust Him. He longs to free us to experience the joy of lifelong learning.

Do you believe this is possible for you?

The hyperlink has a free PDF download of both pages together.