Discussion Teaching – Group-led (like DBS)

A Discovery Bible Study (DBS) Meeting Flow

Groups establish the DNA and habits for the meetings very quickly, by the third or fourth meeting. Sow with the desired end in mind. Establish the DNA through repeated action over time. Get them to respond and think about things in a way that establish habits.

DEBRIEF from Last Meeting:

  • What one thing are you most grateful for today? (sows gratefulness/thankfulness leading to worship)

This response turns our eyes away from ourselves and our tough day (and if a Christian group, upward towards God).

  • What did the passage bring out last week? (retelling is a form of that review solidifies learning) (this begins with the second week)
  • Share around: our “I will” and/or “one person” response. (sows obedience/responsibility/mission) (this begins with the second week)

DISCOVER in Scripture: Read…

Let’s read the passage around a few verses each. Then we want to invite everyone into the discovery process to learn together.

  • What does this passage teach about God and people? (sows participation)

RESPOND to God’s Invitation to Enter Fuller Life:

The Bible was written to unfold God’s invitation to enter into fuller life than we have experienced to date. Studies show that knowledge remains dormant unless we put it into practice.

  • How would you like to respond to God’s invitation?
    (“I will…” sows obedience)
  • With whom can you share one thing from this passage this week? (sows outward focus, eventually mission)


We care about your personal needs, and we also care about those around us.

  • What are the needs of the people in your community? (sows mission as we look outward)
  • What things have stressed you out this week? (sows openness)
  • How can we help each other with the needs we expressed? (sows ministry)

Add worship through song or extended ministry to the worship/ mission elements above if this is part of your group culture. And don’t ignore or neglect any part since each aspect is closely interconnected to develop a “soil” conducive to growth if you follow the plan above in dependence on the Spirit. Be sensitive to the DNA the Spirit wants to sow into this group to form its unique culture. Your group will steadily sow the following five essential of a DNA that raises up faith communities that multiply.

Five Elements for a Fertile SmallGroup
From 1 Thessalonians 1:1-10

These five elements cultivate a learning “soil” that is conducive to multiplying disciples and faith-communities when the resurrected life of Jesus is received by faith in Christ (see graphic).

1. Relational belonging (koinonia):

As we interact openly around the passage, we experience belonging, enjoying and having fun in the participative style. Community-learning and fun and joy are two of the four most powerful motivations for adult Bible learning.

2. Biblical responsiveness (koinonia):

Scripture as enlightened by the Spirit is central to the meeting. This is group-led with the Bible as authority, rather than by an expert teacher. God’s invitation to fuller life comes alive as we follow through on our “I will…” Discovery must move to obedience to release growth, becoming relevant to our everyday lives, a powerful motivation for adult learners. As we repeat this process each week, we gain competence to discover God’s truth personally, and this also motivates adult learners.

3. Intentional mutual-ministry (koinonia):

The Bible points to doing the Word as essential to learning. Doing builds on the rock, not the sand (Matt. 7:24-27). If we do not respond, we deceive ourselves (James 1:22). The disciple-making process happens through obedience (Matt. 28:19-20). “I will…” choices.

4. Intimate Worship:

What they are grateful for is a form of worship as we turn our hearts upward. Don’t ignore this great way to begin each group by lifting our hearts Godward. Celebrating changed lives together as we respond to Scripture is worship as a way of life, like Romans 12:1.

5. Compassionate Mission:

As each passes along one idea to one person and focuses on praying for community needs as they arise, this turns our hearts outward and prepares for more mission.

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