Serve Others in our Pain

Serve others in transition when I’m in pain!!!! Are you serious? I probably have brushed over one crucial area too quickly as I have blogged about the change process, “endings,” “transition,” “new beginnings.” God fashioned us to influence others, which means, serve others. Certainly, we are acutely conscious of our own strong feelings from loss … Read more

The Change Process: Endings & New Beginning…& Transition

Change Process! For you, is it positive or negative? The Senior Pastor at the local church I’m a part of just retired, and the new Senior Pastor will begin one week from today. I’m looking forward to the change with anticipation, and I’m also heavy about some of the “endings.” Change is tough for many … Read more

Third Cycle: Self Renewal on our Life-Journey

An ongoing approach or mindset to self-renewal beaks through the “Warrior-Wall” and moves toward the third cycle as a spiritual grandpa. God yearns for deepening relationship with me. Do I respond in kind to that longing for relationship? All deep relationships are mutual. For me today, His initiating first-love is the most central Reality about … Read more