God’s Part & My Part

God’s part & my part, one of the most important practical responses to a view of the God of Scriptures that fuels growth. “The way in is the way on.” What felt needs did God use to woo you to Himself? As you reflect on God’s footprints, this self-awareness fuels healthy growth. God strategically initiates, … Read more

Our In-House Bible Teacher

We have an In-House Bible Teacher. God’s promises for life are too extraordinary for us to figure them out by ourselves. Consider the Holy Spirit! God sent a Resident Trainer to live within us to teach you! It’s not enough to simply know the Word of God. We must know, do and experience the spiritual … Read more

Second Cycle: A Warrior of the Conquering King

We are a warrior of our conquering King in the Kingdom of God. This flows from being a “beloved child” of our caring Father in the Family of God. God has built continuity into His creation, as well as discontinuity. Look at nature as a seed grows to a stem to a flower. John uses the word … Read more