Group Size & Effective Small Group Christian Ministry

Group size matters in Christian groups! Recent studies suggest the power of smaller groups to bond and change. The University of Oxford anthropologist Robert Dunbar discovered that the number of people the average person could have in her social group is around a hundred and fifty. Anything beyond 150 would be too complicated to handle … Read more

Third Cycle: A Spiritual Grandpa of Him Who Is from the Beginning

Spiritual Grandpa I do wish John had given us clearer markers for this third cycle of life as a spiritual grandpa! John describes each of the first two Christian spiritual developmental stages with three clear markers. Not so this stage! So cryptic. Indefinite (“him who” rather than specifically Jesus, or our “Father” like with “beloved … Read more

First Cycle: A Child of our Caring Father

Great Love! John’s first cycle of spiritual development is not a formula, not simply dogma. This incremental pathway centers in relationship upward and outward. Unique lessons to learn and challenges to overcome await us during each cycle. Each may also be cut short, leaving our inner person underdeveloped, like a Bozai Tree with a stunted … Read more