Flood our Life with Spiritual Nutrition

How can we flood our lives with spiritual nutrition?

To illustrate, after a bout with physical sickness, like the flu, my immune system is run down. My physical protocol consists of extra rest, pound water, eat well, extra vitamin supplements…and lots of rest. I focus on what is most healthy because my body is depleted after fighting a virus. This focus towards physical health also brings my focus away from what undermines health. The amaz’n way God designed our brains is that whatever we focus our minds on grooves more deeply. “We become more like whatever we behold.”

Here’s another analogy.

To get into shape, most trainers will begin with our core muscles. Every top athlete knows that her or his base is essential, whether a tennis player or pitcher, quarterback or basketball player. We want to focus on establishing a strong base or core.

Since the physical often mirrors the spiritual, this is also crucial  spiritually. When we “put off” something that disrupts the normal focus of our spiritual life, we must quickly “put on” Christ and what is true and good.

Flood your life with spiritual nutrients to strengthen inner spiritual resilience and buoyancy to increase your capacity to bounce well in the future.

Nature abhors a vacuum.

Something rushes in to fill any vacuum. The Spirit of God uses these choices to “renew our minds” (Ephesians 4:22-24). However, if we don’t refill the house after we have cleaned out the garbage, we unintentionally grant the dark forces of evil permission to return, even seven times stronger. Take Jesus’ words to heart (Luke 11:24-26 with the context in 11:14-23).

“When an impure spirit comes out of a person, it goes through arid places seeking rest and does not find it. Then it says, ‘I will return to the house I left.’ When it arrives, it finds the house swept clean and put in order. Then it goes and takes seven other spirits more wicked than itself, and they go in and live there. And the final condition of that person is worse than the first” (Jesus in Luke 11:24-26, context 14

“Put on” by flooding your inner life with spiritual nutrition as an immediate event to fill the empty place where we “put off.” Then soak in spiritual nutrition to return to our daily focus and practice.

Especially after any intense spiritual battle, I give myself permission to rest in the Father, Son and Spirit…and even take a physical nap! Resting in His provision, even when I’m actively working, activates spiritual nutrition. I learned some time ago that God does not love me because I perform…although my forgetter also still kicks in! In the process of change, ask the three following questions.

  • Where am I now on my journey?

  • Where would I like to be?

  • How can I get there?

Over the years, I have gathered key passages that release life in me. I call these my spiritual nutrition-rich “deep wells” of spiritual refreshment. I soak in these passages and ideas from God’s Love-Letter. These sow in me the culture Jesus brought with Him. Because God designed us to worship, “we become what we behold.” The NT calls us to intentionally set our minds on this rich body of spiritual nutrition to experience LifeChange (2 Corinthians 3:17-18 and Philippians 4:8 as examples).

The free PDF’s of the articles that follow are suggestive, not exhaustive. Intentionally gather your own, although feel free to use mine while you invest the time and effort to make mine into your own. However, please don’t simply breeze through what I wrote, come away with a “that’s nice” and think you are now provisioned.

In such a case, you merely become my “echo.”

What is the difference between an “echo” and a “voice”? An echo is secondhand and hollow, distant and diminishing over time. Select one idea below and spend five days soaking in it. Make it your own refreshing spiritual well, an artesian well where the water naturally flows to the surface, cool and refreshing. I still return to these.

Spiritual maturity does not mean…

…we don’t struggle or struggle as much. The battlefields often change yet we are still in a war. Spiritual maturity means: (a) we notice more quickly (awareness) and (b) respond to deal with it more promptly, pumping spiritual nutritious. A long drink from these cool, clear wells brings me times of refreshing spiritually.

Some of the articles below are “paradigms” or mental maps for life. By that, I mean they provide perspectives and responses that lay a solid foundation to overcome various attacks on our spiritual journey. Others simply help me to “come home” and rest quickly again in the presence of the Father, Son and Spirit, our Family-of-Three.

Do you have passages like this for yourself to build an inventory of spiritual nutrition?

My encouragement is to “master” each of these Ten Essential Baseline Elements below. Begin with the first three first since they lay the framework. Then go to the one that you feel you might need most. Reread these until they become an integral part of how you think. My strong suggestion is to make all ten of the essentials your own before moving on to the other twenty bonus articles. This is part of what it means to renew or transform our minds.

Do this now before you battle the winds and waves of trials. Sailors learn to sail in normal weather, so they are prepared for the storms.

These deepen and broaden what,…

…the webpage Learning to Live Loved taught. All the following have been helpful for me to deal with specific arenas needing growth. Read these as you find a need to expand your spiritual foundation.

1. Marinate in God’s Love-Letter.

If you have an inward longing to grow spiritually, God’s Word, and especially the Gospels and rest of the New Testament (NT) are essential. God’s Love-Letter lays the strong, sure foundation for worship, for community and for evangelism.

2. Three Dynamic Pictures.

How can we adequately describe how our infinite, eternal, unlimited God chooses to relate intimately with His created, still-in-process image-bearers? It’s ultimately beyond fully So, the NT gives us three powerful pictures to begin to describe these powerful pathways.

3. A-I-D to a Flexible Learning & Change Process.

This simple lens is also quite powerful as we study God’s Word and as we progressively change. Awareness. Investigate. Do.

4. Behold, our God!

What a marvelous chapter Isaiah 40 is. Israel needs comfort. Isaiah provides the pillars by describing God both as a gentle Shepherd and as a powerful ruler. God then interrupts to drive this truth home before Isaiah brings the practical application.

5. The Glory of Humanity.

David “bookends” in his Psalm 8 reflection on humanity from Genesis 1 with God’s unrivaled majesty. Read this in the NASB…and be stunned by David’s conclusions!

6. Our Family Redeems & Restores.

Romans chapters 5-8 are my favorite extended passages on how awesome our salvation in Christ is, along with Ephesians 1-3.

7. The Transformational Power of Forgiveness.

Full-orbed forgiveness transforms us from center to circumference as we forgive from our hearts. Thanking God for our forgiveness from Him afresh each time we sin. Asking forgiveness of others when we sin against them. Forgiving unilaterally (just between us and God) when someone sins against us.

8. Honesty with God, Psalm 13.

What a powerful mental map David provides for us in Psalm 13 to process life with complete honesty before God through a threefold movement.

9. Becoming a New Wineskin.

Growth means renewal. Commit yourself to a flexible process of ongoing renewal to stay flexible and adaptable, not like an old wineskin, rigid, dogmatic and unchanging.

10. A Healthy View of Trials (from James 1:2-18)

James 1:2-18 provides a healthy view of how God intends us to approach trials. Such a perspective keeps us in His arms so a loving Father may change us.

11. Thriving in Tough Times.

Have you ever been in really tough times, perhaps so dire that you felt that even your father and mother had forsaken you? In Psalm 27, David provides powerful focal points of distilled truth that hold us firm in such storms.

12. A Perspective on Trials.

Jerry Sittser wrote superb book called A Grace Disguised, He lost three generations of women in his family in one horrific automobile accident on a wintry night. What practical wisdom he offers for anyone suffering loss.

13. David’s Box Buster!

Psalm 139 is a magnificent Psalm that describes God’s greatness as David practically lives out life with its struggles. He shatters any lingering “boxes” we attempt to stuff God into.

14. “I will Build My Church.”

Today I often hear Christians say, “Jesus I love but I have no place for the church.” I feel sad! I love Jesus so I want to partner with what He is doing to deepen our relationship. He promises to build His church and the enemy cannot stand against such faith-communities. Today’s call is to return to the Gospels and discover afresh how Jesus built His church.

15. Influencing People Like Jesus Does.

Jesus, the most brilliant person to ever live, sketches out a simple (yet not easy) way for each of us to thrive and influence others. I call Matthew 20:20-28 “Jesus’ 20-20 Vision on Influencing.”

16. Ministering Grace in Community.

Do you struggle with interpersonal relational problems? Personally, I have found no single passage more helpful for me in a broad range of relational responses as Matthew 7:1-12.

17. Pouring into your “Whine” Glass.

In Psalm 73, the Psalmist first chose inner turmoil, drinking from his “whine” glass as He complained to God. Then He rested in God’s presence and shifted to inner tranquility.

18. Know Your Enemies, The Unholy Triad.

In any battle, it’s crucial that we know our enemies, yet not as essential at knowing our own resources and trust our good commanders. Arrayed against God’s people is the “unholy triad.” Our self-life or The world and its philosophies. The devil and his minions.

19. Faith, Love & Hope.

These three together seem to be Paul’s shorthand description for Christ-like maturity. Faith is based in the past and hope is focused on the future, and all three intersect in the present, expressed through love.

20. Shattering our Poverty Mentality.

Over time through a horrific one-time event or negative scripting over time, we develop inner negative spiritual fortresses. The Spirit provides us with powerful divine weapons to shatter these.

Next Steps

  1. Print out the free PDF of this page if you want to think more deeply on it (click here).
  2. Print out and spend significant time (perhaps several days) in each of the Biblical concepts above. Mark them up and make them your own now when life is smoother.
  3. Go to the parallel website, Exchange God’s Truth for you Lie. Glance over the topics quickly. If one is a current need, go there. If not, and you have another, then add a post as a suggestion.
  4. I also wrote several books to strengthen this spiritual foundation, available on Amazon.com. If you are looking to build or rebuild a strong foundation, try my two devotionals. Foundation Stones and Jesus Is Enough! on John 15. If  you simply need a spiritual tune-up, the devotional Times of Refreshment revisits the ABC’s of Value and Worth.

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