Christian Growth Tools

Christian Growth Tools
to Support our Christian Journey

My aim is to help anyone who knows Jesus personally to study God’s Word for themselves. It’s beyond wonderful when we realize that our Resident Trainer, the Holy Spirit, opens up Scripture for me personally. I have developed these simply, yet powerful tools over the years to assist Christians like you, having used them with Junior Highers and with seminary graduates.

S-T-U-D-Y & Explanation of S-T-U-D-Y:

This simple tool incorporates in simple form most of what a thick book on “how to study the Bible” provides (“simplicity beyond complexity”). I still use this as my primary way to study, even after 40+ years walking faithfully with the Lord.

Telling My Story” & Suggestions for “Telling My Story”:

“Telling My Story” is a printable form to organize your three-minute evangelistic testimony. This is such a powerful tool! Paul told his story three different times in the Book of Acts. When we run into people on the go, often we have only a few moments. Now you will have a sharpened instrument. Also, if you do these in your small group, a side benefit is that it’s a great way to get to know one another on a different level.

Cultivating God’s Presence:
Quick-Hit Tools to Abide in God’s Presence

1. Spiritual Longing Statement

Develop a spiritual “longing statement.” See the hyperlink for some practical helps. This is short and pithy, and changes over time. It succinctly captures your deep longing toward God in this season. Today mine is “I yearn for increasing enjoyment of your presence as my good.” I wrote this on my daily prayer sheet, and often begin my day with this focus.

2. One-Minute Sabbath

What do you do when you feel undue stress or know of something that you allowed to take you out of God’s presence? This hyperlink will describe “One-Minute Sabbath.” Since I have practiced this for quite some time, I now experience little lag time. Often I feel the stress drain quickly and return to a joy in His presence. And, yes, this takes me less than one minute!

3. Simple Thoughts on Prayer

Living things breathe. When a baby is birthed, she takes hold on new life with that first breath of life. If she had not breathed, she would not have lived to give us so many sweet memories with her. Prayer is as necessary for our spiritual life as breathing is for our physical. And as natural.

4. Flashback

This is a very useful to examine the direction of their lives. This is not a sin-management approach. Instead, it’s a quick look-back for discernment in two arenas.First, I want to observe the footsteps of my Father’s care in my life since last check-in. It’s easy for me to walk through a day oblivious to God’s caring presence. Second, I want to observe which way the wind of my emotions/affections have been blowing in my heart, my innermost sanctuary. When were my affections gently moving me towards choices to lean into God? And when away from God toward my flesh-life?

5. 90-Minute Extended Time of Prayer

Periodically during the year or at special times of decision, I set aside a 90-minute time to reconnect on a deeper level with God. For me, ninety minutes is enough focused time to accomplish that closer connection. It’s not too much time so in a busy season I can excuse myself with “I don’t have time.”

6. See also my December 14, 2017 post on the 3rd Cycle for Spiritual Development for other tips.

Companion through the Psalms (See Books by Jim Fredericks)

A brief summary of each Psalm with basic background information on the Psalms and key Psalms expanded at the end.

NT Companion: (I intend to post this later in 2018).