Books & DiscipleMaking Tools

Jesus Christ teaches that God has spoken reliably and authoritatively (John 10:35; 17:17).

No matter what society says, everything is not relative. There are absolutes. God’s Word is our final standard. We can know some things for sure because God has spoken, even if there is a measure of relativity in our perception and understanding of what the Bible says. Let the Spirit of God Himself teach you (John 14:25).

God generously pours His gifts and provision into our lives.

Why is God so generous towards us? It’s who He is! Then we are able to know God more easily, love him more readily and partner with Him more fruitfully. What I have written are tools to help you engage Scripture on the heart level. Our only desire and our steadfast choice is to yearn for what leads to God’s deepening life within us.

I have three large concerns as I write.

First, that I might convince your mind before God ravishes your heart with His relational love.

Second, that you will read these booklets alone and be helped greatly. You will however settle for the helpful, but partial, change gained from learning, leading and living as individuals. And you might miss out on the greater call to live as “persons-in-community. 

Third, that you might in some way view this sequence of building blocks as a finished program that will  bring growth like a vending machine…presto! No such thing exists! We follow the Living God, who is relational at His core. What I have written is all I see now. What I have missed is an invitation for you to come alongside so we can learn together.

I have provided a variety of resources to help us understand Scripture better.

  1. Books by Jim Fredericks – all written to come alongside to help you understand and respond.

  2. Christian Growth Tools – like a simple, yet powerful, tool to engage the Bible, S-T-U-D-Y; how to develop a three minute testimony (“Telling My Story”); practical how-to’s to cultivate God’s presence.

  3. What Is Your Value or Worth? – a short article so we begin to understand how God sees us

Most all are free PDF downloads.