God’s Part & My Part

God’s part & my part,

one of the most important practical responses to a view of the God of Scriptures that fuels growth.

“The way in is the way on.” What felt needs did God use to woo you to Himself? As you reflect on God’s footprints, this self-awareness fuels healthy growth. God strategically initiates, bringing us to that point of yielding our lives to Him.

Of course, early ways are like seeds sown into our lives, which later grow into fruitful trees. I call this incremental learning “layer learning,” learning one layer after another. As I recently reflected on how I came to Christ at twenty-five, what follows stood out as crucial for me. This may be a good reminder to refuel or passion for Jesus.

God’s Part & My Part

As I mined truth from my salvation event, three very crucial seeds stood out (at the time, I did not see these, reminding ourselves of the need for reflection). These “ways in” are also essential for our “way on” this spiritual journey (Colossians 2:6).

First, God’s part is to initiate and mine is to respond.

Second, I knew I could not run my own life…ever.

On our Christian journey, we do not fail because we are “too weak.” We falsely believe we can do some things alone (John 15:4b+5b; 2 Corinthians 12:9-10). We confuse God’s part & my part. So lean into God in every single event in life. Christ is our life (Col 3:4).

Third, fairly early through books I read (my “passive” mentors), God built into me the perspective of all-in with Jesus.

It’s so crucial to read good Christian literature, beginning with Scripture. I signed the blank title deed to my life on the bottom line. And said “You fill it in.” Oh, not that it was as clear then as now or that I always responded well. I id not! God saw my heart (John 17:6), even though I often struggled to yield.

With hindsight, I now see more clearly how vital it is for healthy growth that we sort out on a high level what is God’s part and what is ours.

  • He initiates and I respond.
  • We love because He first loved us (1 John 4:19).
  • In Psalm 23, God makes me lie down, then leads me to resources so I choose to engage. God always takes the first step toward us, and we respond to His amazing first-love.

God does His part very well, and also thoroughly outfits us to do ours. However, our enemy strives to deceive us to attempt to do God’s part, which we cannot ever do. If that fails, then to wait for God to do our part, which God will not do. Discern so we don’t fall into this spider web of deceit. And don’t be a man-pleaser, but live to an audience of One (or better, Three-in-One, Father, Son and Spirit).

When I came to Christ, He first loved me and I responded with “I’m all-in” since I knew I could not run my own life.

Have you come to that deep conviction that you desperately need Jesus in every aspect of life?
What is God’s part & my part?

My part is full allegiance to Jesus! And it costs us to be all-in (Philippians 3:7-8), although I prefer the idea of “investment” more than “cost.” Through an accounting lens, both cost and investment are outflows of resources. However, an investment is an asset on the balance sheet with an expected future return greater than the outlay. We cannot out give God!

The above post comes fro Reflection #18 in my book, “Foundation Stones,” published on Amazon.com. This is a good gift for a young believer to launch their new life on a healthy foundation, or for us older Christians as a spiritual tune-up.

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