DiscipleMaking Companion, More Than a Bible Study

Why is this More Than Bible Study?

And what is this DiscipleMaking Companion Series?

I have a passion to help Jesus raise up radical disciples, not just teach people Bible information (although information is necessary for the “more”).

My desire is “to teach you to fish and not merely to give you a fish.”

To this end, I encourage you to aim to read (or listen to) the weekly passage DAILY prior to the weekly meeting to develop lifelong habits that work for you. Rapidly reading the entire book once per week also aids healthy BIG-small-BIG natural learning. Mark up the accompanying Bible text and add your insights to the very helpful S-T-U-D-Y tool at the end of the material, if you wish. In time, you will want to download the Bible text yourself so you can personally discover the flow of the passage.

“God has not hidden truth from us, but for us to increase our delight in Him.”

Our Resident Teacher, the Spirit of God, partners with us to release life through active and interactive learning with others, if we give Him the chance. Begin with one DiscipleMaking Companion. I recommend the first one, Philippians, but any works.

This 8-part “DiscipleMaking Companion” series is available o Amazon.Com for $7.95 each for your convenience, or on Kindle for $2.99. Here is my Amazon’s Author’s Page. Other books and key passages beyond this foundational 8-part “Companion” series are available as FREE, downloadable PDF files. You will notice the familar format so it’s easier to reproduce as you gather others to study and grow with you.

The first line is linked to Amazon.com to purchase the book with three levels of engagement. Now you can match your time in this season with time in Scripture with a bias towards doing. I highly recommend this for $7.95 each, or the Kindle Book for $2.99.

DiscipleMaking Companions, an 8-Part Series
all available as paperback or Kindle at Amazon.com

Each is set up to print on “2 pages/per page” setting. Most printers are also able to print on single pages.

Foundation for Discipleship

1. Philippians: Overflowing Joy: Life in the Word & Spirit (5 weeks)

BIBLE: Philippians                          THEME: God’s Word interpreted & applied by the Spirit

2.  Ephesians: Renewed Identity in Christ (6 weeks)

BIBLE: Ephesians 1-3                     THEME: Renewed & restored identity in Christ

3. Genesis 1-4: God’s Unchanging Eden Intent (5 weeks)

BIBLE: Genesis 1-4+                         THEME: God restores His unchanging Eden intent

4. Mark: Carriers of Jesus’ Authority (6 weeks)

BIBLE: Genesis 1-4+                         THEME: We now carry Jesus’ authority

5. 1 Thessalonians: Disciples Making Disciples (5 weeks)

BIBLE: 1 Thessalonians                   THEME: Maturing & Making Disciple

6. Ephesians 4-6: Generously Share Life (5 weeks)

BIBLE: Genesis 1-4+                          THEME: Generously share Jesus’ life in you face-to-face

7. 1 Peter: Relational Evangelism (5 weeks)

BIBLE: 1 Thessalonians                     THEME: Maturing & Making Disciple

8. Psalms: God’s Presence & Prayer (5 weeks)

BIBLE: Five Selected Psalms            THEME: Cultivating God’s presence & prayer

To see what drives this “DiscipleMaking Companion”  series, take a look “under the hood.” To go to the “Cultivating Lifelong Life-Learning” page, CLICK HERE. See WHY this series can be so powerful towards LifeChange.

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