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BONUS: Capstone: Luke/Acts: Participating in Jesus’ Epic Adventure (12 weeks)

“Capstone” is a free PDF that ties together the eight “DiscipleMaking Companions.”

Following are the links to the DMC series without the “Deep & Wide” and the Bonus Articles in the Appendix for simplified access.


Ephesians 1-3

Genesis 1-4


1 Thessalonians

Ephesians 4-6

1 Peter

Selected Psalms

James: Journey in Life-Releasing Submission (6 weeks)

James, Jesus’ oldest half-brother (Matthew 13:55), hears reports that his scattered friends have settled, wandering from their passionate Lover, the true God Himself (James 5:19-20). No wonder James is so intense! He cares deeply about his friends settling for less than God intends because their choices diminish their lives. As a concerned spiritual father, his tone is direct, mincing no words. Please don’t interpret this as harsh.  James aims to change how they view and respond to God and life in order to renew their minds and capture their hearts.

Galatians: FREEDOM as New Wineskins  (6 weeks)

Galatians is probably Paul’s first boo. He wrote Galatians to the recent converts on his First Missionary Journey because agitators were attempting to rob them of their freedom in Christ. For those who cannot free themselves from “religion,” what they teach often turns into  tool to control others. Not the Good News Jesus brought! With all the passion and brilliance Paul has, he uses every legitimate means to free his dearly loved spiritual children from this web of deceit to experience true freedom in Christ again.

Matthew 5-7: Sermon on the Mount (6 weeks)

In Jesus’ teaching in Matthew 5-7, commonly called the Sermon on the Mount, Jesus lays out the new culture He brought with Him for His followers. The8-fold Beatitudes give a glimpse forward to the new way to do life flowing from life in Jesus. Then He calls us to the outward towards a lost world as salt and light before exposing four community viruses and His antidote, the presence of the Father and Jesus as Lord.

Romans (with emphasis on 5-8) (10 weeks)

1 John (5)

Colossians (5)

Paul’s Leadership Letters (2 Timothy, Titus, 1 Timothy) (5)

10 Baseline Spiritual Health Markers (10) – Follow-up for new Christians or spiritual tune-up for maturing Christians.