Freder’s Favorites

Most authors have one key message interwoven
into all they write.

I’m no different in these Books by Jim Fredericks,
Freder’s Favorites.

I write to restore an accurate Christian worldview so we see God, ourselves and the world more like our relational Trinity does. Then we multiply disciples like Jesus. A relational Trinitarian, incarnational understanding of God with a high view of God’s restored and fulfilled new creation as one new man in Christ weaves itself into our everyday lives and all my writings. I write to influence all who God has stirred toward becoming radical followers of Jesus. This is what resonates in the heart of every human being, because we have been created in His image.

Jesus Christ teaches that God has spoken reliably and authoritatively (John 10:35; 17:17). No matter what society says, everything is not relative. There are absolutes. God’s Word is our final standard. We can know some things for sure because God has spoken, even if there is a measure of relativity in our perception and understanding of what the Bible says. Let the Spirit of God Himself teach you (John 14:25). God generously pours His gifts and provision into our lives.


Then we are able to know God more easily, love him more readily and partner with Him more fruitfully. What I have written are tools to help you engage Scripture on the heart level. Our only desire and our steadfast choice is to yearn for what leads to God’s deepening life within us. 

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CORE, Freder’s Favorites Foundational Books

DiscipleMaking Companion” (link redirect to a separate page with for these “DiscipleMaking Companion”)

When Jesus rescued us through faith, He drew near to us in order to draw us near to Himself. He calls us to join Him on His epic adventure. Each “Companion” guides the learner through 5-weeks in one with one core practice in a highly flexible way. Each “Companion” invites younger Christians and older alike into books of the Bible as active learners and doers of the Word. This interactive learning process in community targets essential building blocks for flourishing growth. How better to outfit us for His epic adventure. All eight in this “DiscipleMaking Series” available on

Foundation Stones (topical) (

This booklet builds a solid foundation with key building blocks. I wrote these in a “blog” length format for easy digestion. Ideally, build these in the first months of our Christian journey so our spiritual life points in the right direction. If you are an older Christian, this is a nice “tune-up,” returning periodically to solidify our foundation.

Jesus Is Enough! (John 15) (

A meditative guide through Jesus’ “last words” in John 15, the life-releasing picture of the Vine and the branches. What a glimpse into how to thrive spiritually, for both new and for mature Christians. These short, daily meditations help us soak in this life-releasing picture of Jesus’ relationship with us for a month.

Times of Refreshing (a 21-day devotional on key topics) (

God’s Family deserves healthy nourishment. This book is designed for 21-days of meditation on foundational topics, like, like who God is, how He sees us, full forgiveness in Christ, forgiving others from our hearts, sharing Jesus naturally. God designed change to occur as we soak in Scriptures, particularly around key, big-picture concepts like abundance and forgiveness through connecting with the Father and Son.

Radical Mutuality (1 John) (

In 1 John, the aged Apostle John felt compelled to write what was essential from his perch 25 years after the last NT book had been written. This ancient/new 1st century mental map turned the world upside down then. His approach koinonia (community) flowing out of the relational Trinity can do the same for us today. For a post on Radical Mutuality.

Created Community (Ephesians) (

Ephesians is the “community” letter, Paul’s mature reflection on how to do life together (koinonia). In the first three chapters, he begins by laying out a sure foundation of what is true, Reality from God’s accurate perspective. Then Paul calls us to walk out this God-Reality out in everyday life, life-on-life, using the word “walk” five times (“live” in the NIV). Paul finishes in 6:10f with a glimpse beyond flesh-&-blood relationships. This equality releasing diversity towards unity within community relationship is so powerful that the devil must come against it. Fear not! God’s Trinitarian provision is sufficient beyond measure. We have (1) strength in Jesus, (2) the armor of the Father, and (3) prayer in the power and wisdom of the Spirit. I designed this ten chapter booklet as a read-along for two 5-week “sprints” on Ephesians, “New Lens on Self” and “Life Together in Community.”

Enjoying His Presence (topical) (

For our 21st century lives as Christians, nothing is more vital than grasping this Reality of God’s moment-by-moment presence, even in tough times, even when we are not conscious of Him. And also practicing the moment-by-moment life God offers His people, even in the routine. Journey through selected Psalms.

90-Day Engagement with the New Testament (

This workbook guides you through the entire New Testament in 90-days. A very short, application based summary of each book provides a quick overview, and space under each verse allows us to record insights.

Other Unpublished PDF Manuscripts, Musing on Crucial Subjects
Freder’s Favorites Building on the Sure Foundation

What follows is not for the casual reader. My aim in writing is to partner with the relational Trinity to release our spiritual seed or DNA to experience “life to the full.” Such a vibrant life is nourished best through active, natural learning in community. I write to call men and women in Christ to sweet surrender toward radical allegiance to the Father, Son and Spirit so we change from the inside out. This begins by seeing how God sees: how He sees Himself, ourselves and the world of people. Beware! These could be incendiary!

Big God! Bold Design, a Trilogy (Book 1 or Book 2 or Book 3) (topical)

This spiritual primer lays a solid foundation for growth in a trilogy of Books for ease. They will escort you along this adventure of faith as a companion on your journey. Recapture the mystery of God and the dignity of humanity as image-bearers. Practice a theology of awe and wonder!

Three Developmental Cycles for Lifelong LifeChange (topical)

This  book uses 1 John 2:12-14 to sketch out three aspects of our spiritual developmental growth stages. I have blogged short portions of this beginning December 10, 2017 and welcome any comments before I publish. On August 25, 2019 I updated by blogging four more on this website.

Cultivating DiscipleMaking Communities (1 Thessalonians)

This read-along through Paul’s earliest letter flows out of 1 Thessalonians. 1 Thessalonians is Paul’s earliest ideas on how to mature Christians. With a thoroughly relational Trinitarian view of life,  Paul’s vision launches and grows disciples into reproducing faith-communities as His Word works in us.

“The Word of God Lives in You”

Mining God’s Word (topical) (and older version Mining God’s Word)

This hands-on approach draws us to love God’s Word, His love-letter to us. The aim is to develop solid Bible study and teaching habits as lifelong life-learners. This time-proven approach is very user friendly. This booklet can also be used as a read-along with the 1st “sprint,” “A Healthy Disciple,” to broaden some basics of how to study God’s Word.

Discover Yourself through the Psalms

The Psalms are God’s garden for praise and prayer. Psalms has given me language to express what I feel inside, but don’t have language to adequately express. Psalms captures the full range of our authentic relationship with God, ranging from the rawness of dark depression to the rapturous rejoicing of the heart set free. From doubt about God’s care to an abiding trust based on His care, even in trials. This booklet provides a short summary of all 150 Psalms, acting as your companion as you read through the Psalms.  Enjoy the journey.

 “You Have Overcome the Evil One”

Training our Twelve as Disciples (Gospels)
(in-process; not yet available)

Jesus is not only our perfect “moral” model, but also our ministry model. The Gospels are our blueprint to recapture some of the vibrancy of 1st century disciples for the church today.

Pursued by Community (topical) (in-process; not yet available)

Impact the lost in community, like Jesus (John 17:20-23), the most relevant and attractive person alive.

Sailing the High Seas (Leadership Letters)

The relational Community-God Himself is our model for all leadership. This more community-based leadership dialog honors positional leadership while releasing God’s people to reach for all He intends in the 21st century.

Bounce Well (in-process; still rough) (topical)

We will all cycle down, even when we give Jesus our wholehearted allegiance. Maturity does not mean we don’t spiral down. Maturity is marked by “bouncing well.” How quickly do we recover? Do we know our solid spiritual DNA, or are their gaps in our understanding? What is it that causes you to spiral down, and are their answers?

Other Freder’s Favorites, Books by Jim Fredericks
Available as Free PDF Download

Sent by the Father (Gospel of John)

John writes 60 years after Jesus arose from the dead with Genesis 1 and 2 as the backdrop, restoring God’s original Eden-intent and revealing God’s renewed mental map for His new creation in the 21st century. This read-along guides you through John’s Gospel.

Re-created Community (Romans 5-8)

This is another of my “deep artesian wells.” I plunge into this more detailed meditation on Romans 5-8 whenever my spiritual life becomes a bit dry or musty. Paul’s fabulous truth on how satisfied we are as His people stirs me to my depths. This is mine because of His abounding provision through faith in Christ. Thoroughly Trinitarian, this invites us into the presence of the Father, Son and Holy Spirit.

Eternally Relational (Rough Draft) (topical)

I was in my mid-50’s when I began to explore the Trinity, not as a theological belief, but as a power-point for my life. I had believed in the Trinity since Jesus captured my heart at 25. Now I saw this relational God, Father, Son and Spirit, as my life-focus. And it changed my practical Christian responses and how I approached others. I am writing this book to sketch out some of this impact.

I write all of Freder’s Favorites with three large concerns:

(1) that I might convince your mind before God ravishes your heart with His relational love;

(2) that you will read these books alone and be helped greatly…and settle for the helpful, but partial, change gained from learning as individuals, missing out on God’s greater call to live as “persons-in-community;

(3) that you might in some way view what I write as somehow a sequence of building blocks in a finished program that will  automatically bring growth like a vending machine…presto! No such thing exists because we are following the Living God.

This Living God we follow is relational at His core. The NT calls us to be “led by the Spirit.” What I have written is all I see now. What I have missed is an invitation for you to come alongside so we can learn together. If any of these building blocks are already strong in your T-E-A-M (Together Each Accomplishes More), skip on. Be flexible.