Freder’s Favorites

Most authors have one key message interwoven
into all they write.

In some ways I’m no different in these Books by Jim Fredericks,
Freder’s Favorites.

I write to restore an accurate Christian worldview so we see God, ourselves and the world more like our relational Trinity does. That’s why I write, and why I gather these here under Freder’s Favorites. Our focus as followers of Jesus is the presence and provision of the relational Triune God in and with His redeemed and restored image-bearers. Then we multiply disciples, face-to-face like Jesus.

A relational Trinitarian, incarnational understanding of God with a high view of God’s restored and fulfilled new creation as one new man in Christ weaves itself into our everyday lives and all my writings. I write to influence all who God has stirred toward becoming radical followers of Jesus. Nothing releases more life and resonates more deeply in the heart of every human being, than such an intimate relationship with our Family-of-Three who delights in us.

Jesus Christ teaches that God has spoken reliably and authoritatively (John 10:35; 17:17). No matter what society says, everything is not relative. There are absolutes. God’s Word as interpreted by the life of Jesus is our final standard for life and ministry. We can know some things for sure because God has spoken and Jesus has modeled, even if there is a measure of relativity in our perception and understanding of what the Bible says. Let the Spirit of God Himself teach you (John 14:25). God generously pours His gifts and provision into our lives.


Then we are able to know God more easily, love him more readily and partner with Him more fruitfully. What I have written are tools to help you engage Scripture on the heart level. Our only desire and our steadfast choice is to yearn for what leads to God’s deepening life within us. 

I have published many of these for a low cost on (Author’s Page). I have a number also available below in PDF for free. These are in different levels of completion, from a rough draft to an almost finished product. ENJOY!

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