“4 I’s for Insight” – Level Three Learning

“4 I’s for Insight”

…builds upon the training from the other two ways to study the Bible (“Meet Jesus…” & “DiscipleMaking Companion”). These tools can be added now to the “DiscipleMaking Companion” series and make this a lifelong process of learning, doing and growing.

This aligns with what I understand as the most healthy, holistic way to study the Bible, BIG-small-BIG (for more). When my family pulls out a jigsaw puzzle, we first focus on the corner pieces and outside border to lay the framework. Second, we then fill in the details of the inside pieces, one key color after another. Finally, we look at the puzzle again as a whole in light of the picture on the box. Now we are  sure the parts fits together with the whole.


The first tool to dig into the Bible with the “small” is the simple yet powerful tool from the “DiscipleMaking Companion,” using printouts of the text and what I call S-T-U-D-Y.

“4 I’s for Insight” gives us an approach to smaller units than chapters. Have you used S-T-U-D-Y to grow through engaging Scripture personally? Then you have probably come across paragraphs where you feel, “There’s more, much more.” 4 I’s for Insight” will guide you toward discovering that “more” over your lifetime.

This can be effective for specific passages in either Jesus'”Come & Follow Me” training tier or the higher commitment of His “Come & Be with Me” tier.

This graphic will give you a quick overview. I will post short articles to help you explore each of the 4 I’s.

If this piques your interest, use one of my posts to post a “comment” letting me know, and I will prioritize this.