Disciples Multiplying Disciples

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1. Jesus Trains His Twelve

2. Paul’s Dynamics for SmallGroup DiscipleMaking

3. John’s Spiritual Development Cycles

4. A Practical 21st Century Model for SmallGroup DiscipleMaking

DiscipleMaking is more than education that teaches knowledge. It’s more than coaching or training in a discipline. The end-result of DiscipleMaking in the 1st century was a follower whose life reflected the life of the master. It’s holistic. Yes, convey knowledge and training, yet continue on until the disciple think and respond like the master (Luke 6:40). LifeChange. And our chief Discipler is Jesus, even though He uses us as flesh-&-blood examples.

Here is a link to an excellent video demonstrating the power of spiritual multiplication.  As a disclaimer, I have not personally gone through this. I would choose some of the same books, and some different ones, and other books they suggest I have not read.

However, the ideas behind this are time tested for centuries…since Jesus. This four minute video captures the essence of DiscipleMaking.