Accelerate Learning, Especially from the Bible

Have you ever struggled to pull up information that you have already learned? Anyone have a deep desire to know and understand the Bible, yet feels like it’s beyond you? I have Good News for you to accelerate learning! Experts tell us that storage is not the main problem. All our mind has previously stored … Read more

Our In-House Bible Teacher

We have an In-House Bible Teacher. God’s promises for life are too extraordinary for us to figure them out by ourselves. Consider the Holy Spirit! God sent a Resident Trainer to live within us to teach you! It’s not enough to simply know the Word of God. We must know, do and experience the spiritual … Read more

Reunite Fun with Scripture

How can FUN reconcile with the deep burden I have?! Have you ever tried to learn something fairly simple, yet failed to grasp the key ideas? Or felt overwhelmed or confused while others grasp the material quickly? What happens within you? How do you feel? Disqualified to learn? I may be in the minority of … Read more

Virtual Bible Study Groups for LifeChange

I highly value learning the Bible in small groups aimed at a whole-person response. What if our schedules or geography preclude meeting together? Next best is a virtual Bible Study Group that can also significantly change lives. God’s plan for healthy growth includes coaching and mentoring around Scripture. God fashioned us as image-bearers in the … Read more