Did the Father Abandon His Son on the Cross? Absolutely NOT!

Did the Father abandon His Son on the cross? Absolutely NOT! Although this has been a troublesome passage over the years…at least for some, including me! After looking at Matthew 27:46, the great Reformer Martin Luther was heard to mutter: “God forsaking God! Who can understand it?” How do we resolve difficult Bible questions in … Read more

Serve Others in our Pain

Serve others in transition when I’m in pain!!!! Are you serious? I probably have brushed over one crucial area too quickly as I have blogged about the change process, “endings,” “transition,” “new beginnings.” God fashioned us to influence others, which means, serve others. Certainly, we are acutely conscious of our own strong feelings from loss … Read more

Radical Mutuality, Linking Truth to Life through 1 John

Radical Mutuality! When I read a book, I like to know why the author has written. John carefully gives us at least two reasons. First, that God’s people experience ecstatic joy as we respond by faith to the invitation of God the Father and Son to share life in relational koinonia both with God and … Read more

Our In-House Bible Teacher

We have an In-House Bible Teacher. God’s promises for life are too extraordinary for us to figure them out by ourselves. Consider the Holy Spirit! God sent a Resident Trainer to live within us to teach you! It’s not enough to simply know the Word of God. We must know, do and experience the spiritual … Read more