Exchange God’s Truth for your Lie

Why exchange God’s truth for your lie?

Or for the deceit that you are holding onto, perhaps even without being aware?

Many Christians I know focus all their attention on not spirally down. Good luck with that strategy! That choice relegates our lives to settle for mediocrity as followers of Jesus. God wired our brains to groove whatever we focus on, whether good or bad. When our problem or our brokenness is the focal point, we unintentionally deepen this pathway in our brain. Become solution oriented.

We must learn this because trials and tough times and loss will always be a part of our lives as Jesus-followers (2 Timothy 3:12). And we will spiral down. The question is” “How do we learn to “bounce well”?

True NT Christianity never promises freedom from persecution or loss but freedom in released in trials (James 1:2-4 as one illustration). Have you yet learned to embrace God’s present grace so you bounce well from tough times?

How do we exchange God’s truth for our lie?

Become aware of the lie, investigate with God’s Love-Letter to know what truth we are missing, then do it. Such a process is a great A-I-D (Aware, Investigate, Do) to actively put truth into action to encounter life. This enables you to disengage from the lie, so you are again able to soak in God’s truth and grow.

Then marinate in spiritual nutrition.

The physical often imitates the spiritual.

Look at the universe. Nature abhors a vacuum. Something will rush in to fill any vacuum. When we “put off” something that disrupts our spiritual life, we must quickly “put on” Christ and what is true and good in order to “renew our minds.” (Ephesians 4:22-24). We “put off” the lie and exchange truth for it as we intentionally “put on” the rich spiritual nutrition of truth. If we don’t fill the house we have cleaned, we unintentionally grant the dark forces of evil permission to come back seven times stronger. Take Jesus’ words to heart (Luke 11:24-26 with the context in 11:14-23).

Perhaps you may not spiral down…

…with all on the following list of attacks. Even if you don’t, others you come across may. So, perhaps these would be helpful as you serve others to exchange God’s truth.

Until the basic building blocks of our thinking and feeling and doing are transformed (these comprise our heart, the core of our being), it’s common to begin with our own history of sin, brokenness or pain. Since “we become what we behold,” we then make this our false focus and suffer spiritually because of it.

I will keep these free PDF’s short, yet not simplistic. Responses will flow from Scripture, aim to exchange God’s truth for your lie. Yet also with actionable life-responses that the Spirit of God may use to activate truth to encounter life. Learn to soak in our weighty base as your life focus. Then you will become more quickly aware of a specific life-problem to learn to bounce well.

Add comments to this web page to let me know how I can address this limited list better or add your own suggested topic. I would like this to be interactive since we need each other to learn to bounce well and to live loved.

Adding as Requested: Click hyperlink of those completed below.

When I’m (I)…

  1. disappointed with God’s timing.
  2. …attacked by dark forces of evil.
  3. …overcome with guilt, shame or condemnation.
  4. … assaulted by anxiety and/or worry.
  5. … throw myself a pity-party.
  6. …offended by others.
  7. …unforgiving to one who hurt me.
  8. …critical or complaining.
  9. …captured by a mental stronghold.
  10. …loathe myself.
  11. …need to ask forgiveness.
  12. …think what I see is right.”
  13. …despairing.
  14. …despair to the point of depression.
  15. …??? Your suggestion. Post a comment below.

Next Steps

  1. Print out the free PDF of this webpage to add your own thoughts.
  2. Print out the free PDF of one arena above you struggle most with. Personally, I’ve discovered I do best to focus on one at a time, then to move on to the next most crucial.
  3. Then go to Flood your Life with Spiritual Nutrition and begin soaking in this spiritual nutrition as your life focus, one after another.

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