Cutting-edge Group Bible Study for LifeChange


I have met thousands of Christians who are stuck on their Christian journey with little noticeable growth.

They have never learned to feed themselves from God’s Word. Long ago they abandoned hope to ever understand the Bible for themselves, settling for being spoon fed by others.

I also have friends who teach such a complicated and detailed style of learning that in time it collapses under its own weight. After a while, all but the super-achiever students give up, again settling for less than God’s highest and best.

What if I could come alongside you to coach you toward personal discovery in the Book-of-Books so it comes alive for you? Would you be game? My aim is to coach lifelong life-learners to study God’s Love-Letter in a way that impacts our whole person. God places this yearning in every one of His people. I wonder if you feel that first blush of hope within.

I have a dream! That one day words associated with learning the Bible will sound like this: “pleasant,” “joyful,” “great hobby,” “exciting,” “lifelong passion” “absorbing.” That’s why I write these Companions toward LifeChange.”

Why not us? Why not now?

You may say: “OK, Jim, I’m intrigued. But why call these ‘Companions toward LifeChange’?” Because they  come alongside us in the lifelong process to outfit us, like building blocks in a foundation. And the purpose is not simply to accumulate Bible knowledge, but to respond to God’s invitation toward fuller life. We have a life-time to continue our active participation on this adventure in Scripture.

Of course, these “Companions toward LifeChange” cannot automatically produce change, even though I have interwoven cutting edge scientific studies on how people best learn and how our brain works. We must add our hard work to this God-breathed message (2 Timothy 3:16-17). Now we can align with high-leverage learning that shapes and forms us.

Let me give you a few thoughts about the “sprints” to whet your appetite.

These ideas naturally braid themselves throughout the learning, virtually invisible except to the perceptive eye.

First, each of the first eight cutting edge Companions toward LifeChange are only 5-weeks long. The short commitment makes it easier to challenge others to enter in with you. It’s easy to re-up once we have experienced change in our lives.

Second, each  Companion toward LifeChange goes through one book of the Bible or an extended passage. We soak in one chapter each week. God designed our minds to learn like this, rather than gathering scattered bits and pieces from all over. When we study geography, we first look at a globe, before focusing on one continent, then the rivers, mountains and plains. We learn best one layer at a time.

Third, our minds learn best when we have clear categories under which to file new information. Each Companion toward LifeChange has one major category or theme to help our minds retain in a way we can later access.

Fourth, if we only read or listen, learning retention is 5-10%. This accelerates to 70% if we respond to what we learned, and up to 90% if we also pass along what we learned to others.

Fifth, every innovative Companion toward LifeChange begins with one thing each group member is grateful for. A thankful heart lifts our thoughts God-ward and prepares for insight.

I could continue…but I would rather you plunge in and experience learning for yourself. And we must add our hard work to release insight from the Holy Spirit. Become like the hard-working farmer who adds his hard work to the good fruitful soil. Take one “Companion” (I recommend the first one, but any works). Gather two or three others together and get started. If you don’t experience growth in your Christian life during these 5-weeks, I will give you YOUR MONEY BACK IN FULL.

Oh wait!

ALL the cutting edge Companions toward LifeChange ARE ALREADY FREE PDF’s to download from my website. They cost you NOTHING. What I get back is the satisfaction of knowing God’s people are learning to feed themselves from His Love-Letter and experience “life to the full” (John 10:10).

Nothing changes us from the inside out more solidly than a regular, daily ingestion of God’s Word, “mastered” one book after another. So I encourage each of us to aim at reading the chapter or passage each day for one week to grow as a lifelong life-learner.

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