Our In-House Bible Teacher

We have an In-House Bible Teacher. God’s promises for life are too extraordinary for us to figure them out by ourselves. Consider the Holy Spirit! God sent a Resident Trainer to live within us to teach you! It’s not enough to simply know the Word of God. We must know, do and experience the spiritual … Read more

Reunite Fun with Scripture

How can FUN reconcile with the deep burden I have?! Have you ever tried to learn something fairly simple, yet failed to grasp the key ideas? Or felt overwhelmed or confused while others grasp the material quickly? What happens within you? How do you feel? Disqualified to learn? I may be in the minority of … Read more

Third Cycle: Self Renewal on our Life-Journey

An ongoing approach or mindset to self-renewal beaks through the “Warrior-Wall” and moves toward the third cycle as a spiritual grandpa. God yearns for deepening relationship with me. Do I respond in kind to that longing for relationship? All deep relationships are mutual. For me today, His initiating first-love is the most central Reality about … Read more

Third Cycle: A Spiritual Grandpa of Him Who Is from the Beginning

Spiritual Grandpa I do wish John had given us clearer markers for this third cycle of life as a spiritual grandpa! John describes each of the first two Christian spiritual developmental stages with three clear markers. Not so this stage! So cryptic. Indefinite (“him who” rather than specifically Jesus, or our “Father” like with “beloved … Read more

Second Cycle: A Warrior of the Conquering King

We are a warrior of our conquering King in the Kingdom of God. This flows from being a “beloved child” of our caring Father in the Family of God. God has built continuity into His creation, as well as discontinuity. Look at nature as a seed grows to a stem to a flower. John uses the word … Read more

First Cycle: A Child of our Caring Father

Great Love! John’s first cycle of spiritual development is not a formula, not simply dogma. This incremental pathway centers in relationship upward and outward. Unique lessons to learn and challenges to overcome await us during each cycle. Each may also be cut short, leaving our inner person underdeveloped, like a Bozai Tree with a stunted … Read more