Our Relationship with the Trinity, Three Dynamic Pictures

The Trinity remains forever our model for community. He is the foundation of our life and launching point for all our thinking. The Trinity also fries my mental circuits while ravishing my heart! We learn by comparing what we already know with what we are striving to learn. Yet nothing within our realm of knowing … Read more

Treasure and Pearl, Value and Worth beyond Description!

“Oh Lord, it disgusts me that I stumbled again. I want to stand strong, but I let You down again. I don’t deserve Your endless love!” Did you ever hear such words come from another Christian’s heart? Maybe even the unspoken thoughts in your own heart. God’s parable of the treasure and pearl come to … Read more

Virtual Bible Study Groups for LifeChange

I highly value learning the Bible in small groups aimed at a whole-person response. What if our schedules or geography preclude meeting together? Next best is a virtual Bible Study Group that can also significantly change lives. God’s plan for healthy growth includes coaching and mentoring around Scripture. God fashioned us as image-bearers in the … Read more

Cutting-edge Group Bible Study for LifeChange

LifeChange. I have met thousands of Christians who are stuck on their Christian journey with little noticeable growth. They have never learned to feed themselves from God’s Word. Long ago they abandoned hope to ever understand the Bible for themselves, settling for being spoon fed by others. I also have friends who teach such a … Read more