God Yearns for Us to Cultivate Enjoyment of God’s Presence

God yearns for His people. Tap into your memory bank when you finish reading this paragraph. Close your eyes and imagine. Draw from the sounds and feel of a time when you were completely accepted by a person… without reservations. Not because you are fun or smart or contribute or do good works but simply … Read more

Passion to Persist to Cultivate Enjoyment of God’s Presence

I know of no greater, more essential thought than God’s initiating love to me! So, exercise passion to persist. I’m aware that I’m still on a steep growing curve. I need passion to persist to fulfill my longing for all God has for me, and to pass it on to others. I hear this longing … Read more

Forgiveness Kept Simple

Forgiveness? Together with simple!!? How can “forgiveness kept simple” even be possible? I struggle to forgive others! Only because of Jesus and His death and resurrection. When I have a knotty problem to solve, it’s usually because several closely related sub-problems have become bundled together. As we focus on one, the others rush in to … Read more

Making Disciples Kept Simple

Making disciples! How can ever be kept simple? Have you tried it? At the beginning of His ministry, Jesus clarified that the way in is also the way on. The way we come to Jesus for salvation (new life) is how we grow in sanctification (growing more like Jesus on our journey). Notice the two … Read more

Sharing Jesus Kept Simple

This article is on Sharing Jesus Kept Simple. As an older Christian, I have begun to observe that many of us farther along on this journey incline our well-intended advice to younger Christians towards complexity. With the best of motives, we tell others where we are, rather than meeting them where they are. As I … Read more

Identity in Christ Kept Simple

When I turned twenty-five,… …I puzzled over questions I couldn’t answer. Where did I come from? Why am I here on earth? What happens to me after I die? How can I lead a life that counts for something beyond the time I have on earth? Who am I? I wasn’t brought up with a … Read more